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ADRIEN LAWYER  moved to New Mexico in ‘95 and started a Band Named Sue in 2009.  He dubbed the band with its tongue-in-cheek personification as a reflection of his admiration for Johnny Cash and fervent commitment to promoting awareness and equality as Director/Co-Founder of the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico.  His mother (also a music lover and performer) gave him his first guitar when he was 12 years old along with instruction on how to form his first chords.  Originally from Mississippi, it’s no wonder Elvis sits among Adrien’s favorite musical influences which include Stevie Wonder, Townes Van Zandt, John Prine, Nanci Griffith, Dolly Parton and of course the Outlaws: Willie, Merle, Cash and the rest.
Not long after moving to New Mexico, Adrien met singer-songwriter PERSEPHONE WILSON  who, with a twinkle in her eye will proudly acknowledge her evolution from what is traditionally thought of as the conservative corn husking state of Nebraska, into a sexy sex educator for Self Serve and Planned Parenthood of New Mexico.   Persephone’s parents (both musicians) recognized her natural musical abilities and started her off with piano lessons at the early age of five.  She took vocal lessons, sung in concert and swing choirs, and gained a vocal scholarship to Luther College in Decorah Iowa.  After moving to Albuquerque in ‘93, Persephone joined a band called 80 Pounds of Bassett Hound on keyboard and vocals; followed by a band called Demetr who recorded an album entitled “The Birth of Persephone”.  Her favorite performers include Ani Difranco, Elton John, Fanny, Alison Krauss, The Weepies, and Joy Kills Sorrow.
ABNS’s banjo player, WENDY MINER  moved into the same neighborhood as Adrien after migrating to New Mexico in the mid 90’s.  Although she was born in New York, Wendy lived in Alabama with her family long enough to develop the accent and associated southern charm.  She sang in the Baptist church choir, high school chorus and musicals; and started writing songs in girl scout camp.  But she didn’t put the “banjo on her knee” until ‘07 when her husband at the time encouraged her to follow through on her desire to sing to her young children.  Wendy’s interest piqued after a “handsome old folk banjo” at Encore Music caught her eye, and she began lessons.  Her original songs bring a heartfelt dose of drama, catchy melodies, and a spoonful of humor to the band’s repertoire.  Since childhood, she continues to fantasize about being one of the Andrew Sisters, and loves music of the ‘20’s mixed in a melting pot of sultry soul and barefoot tappin' back porch tunes.
DAIR OBENSHAIN   was raised in New Mexico by Appalachian parents who often listened to music of that region such as The Stanley Brothers and Flatt & Scruggs.  Although she played violin in the Albuquerque public schools, she embraced the instrument as a fiddle after seeing John McCutcheon perform at William and Mary where she went to college.  Dair attended the Augusta Heritage Arts summer program in West Virginia where McCutcheon taught, and subsequently landed a full time job playing fiddle for a few years in Colonial Williamsburg.  After returning to New Mexico, Dair and Persephone became friends after meeting at their kids' school, where Dair is also a teacher.   Adrien later invited Dair to join the band after seeing her perform at a womens conference.  In addition to ABNS, she also plays in L@SOTR@S (political, mostly Latin American music) and a salsa band, Charanga del Valle.  A few of the musicians Dair holds in high regard are Frida Epstein (Trapezoid), Silvio Rodriguez,  Emma’s Revolution, Pete Seeger, and Woodie Guthrie.
STEFF CHANAT   was introduced to by A Band Named Sue by her friend singer-songwriter Amy Clinkscales (of Mother Death Queen) who played guitar and sang for ABNS at the time.  Originally from Maryland, Steff took piano lessons in grade school and like other Sue’s, sang in the high school chorale and her family’s Russian Orthodox church choir.  She grew to love Appalachian and Bluegrass music while attending college at VA Tech in the late ‘80s.  At that time, her brother and musical inspiration, Jeff loaned her his mandolin.  He still wants it back.  She moved to New Mexico in ‘95, played in the Placitas Mountain Band for nine years, a duo called Us Featuring You for two years, and also currently plays in a Folk-Rock band, Sit.Stay.  Steff’s a big fan of Neil Young, in addition to Alison Krauss, Evanescence, Yerba Buena, and J.S.Bach.

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